Dear SPH investors,

Recently, the SphereCoin team has successively withdrawn all other tokens equivalent to SAY tokens purchased by investors at ICO. Based on this situation, the team hope that all investors who has successfully received the ICO refund will cooperate with us to voluntarily return the SPH token which was previously used as compensation.

The refund date is:

1. the non-locked portion; 2018.3.28 - 2018.4.5

2. Locked portion; 2018.4.5-2018.4.11

Please return to the original address as the following:

1. The locked part address is: 0x010439a62e65fca9cacd60cf30c677a62e7481f9

2. The address of the non-locked part is:(update the address, depends on which address you received SPH from )


Please note that if the SPH token is not returned in full within the specified time, we reserve the right to recover it through legal channels, which may cause the investor to face corresponding legal liabilities.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. Most importantly, thank you for your trust and support for SphereCoin!

We sincerely apologise for all the inconvenienced caused and we are glad to be able to fix this situation. Our deepest apologies to all investors.



Turning the decentralized economy and crypto currency into

reality. The invention of a sharing ecosystem that links

cryptocurrency assets to real life transaction

Turning crypto currency into a real life

ICO Has Ended - Thank You All!


Making Crypto

Currency into real

life experience


SPHERE was born to create a universal and globally accepted peer-to-peer (P2P), consumer-to-business (C2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) trading ecosystem that links virtual currency assets to real life by offering the world's first virtual currency that is QR code payment – enabled platform.

Going P2P, C2B & B2C means buying and selling assets directly with each other rather than working through an intermediary or third-party service. Many markets are already peer-to-peer: Foreign exchange, corporate bonds, and even penny stocks. SPHERE aims to make cryptocurrency into a real-life experience.

SPHERE’s secondary aim is also to reduce overall operating costs, increase marketplace efficiency and boost return-on-investments (ROI) of product & service providers in the global sharing economy and peer-to-peer ecosystem.

Using blockchain smart contract, AI and Big Data, SPHERE will empower the ecosystem with its revolutions below:

A Trust-Based Protocol for all SPHERE ecosystem players:

  • Decentralized and Minimum Operating Cost
  • Open Source and Scalable with Reliability, Trustworthy and Anonymous
  • Cryptocurrency assets accepted as a payment mode Globally
  • Fast adoption at Merchants and user-friendly for Users

P2P,C2B & B2C Mobile Payment Ecosystem Community:

  • Decentralized and Minimum Transaction Cost for Merchants & Users
  • Faster Transactions without payment barriers
  • Multiple Option of Payment Mode in an Integrated Wallet with Cryptocurrency.
  • Supports P2P transfers of Fiat Currency & Cryptocurrency in one wallet.