Spherecoin taps into an exciting arena, Blockchain games

Team motivated to monetize SPH into the new game

April 25th, 2018, Singapore—The value of SPH, Spherecoin’s crypto token, has been on the rise at Cointiger, a cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore for trading, shortly after Spherecoin announced its strategic partnership with Beijing Tai-e Cyber-tech Co. Ltd., adopting SPH as the official virtual currency circulating in the latter’s blockchain game, Big Investors (name to be confirmed).

“Our team is more than ever motivated at the moment, to work with the game developers in Beijing Tai-e Cyber-tech to monetize Big Investors with SPH. We put great faith in the success of this blockchain game. It is expected that the gamers can use SPH to conduct in-game purchases this May. And this is just a beginning. Spherecoin is committed to bringing SPH into more use cases. ” says one of the co-founders from Spherecoin.

blockchain games, the next Internet sensation

The huge success of CryptoKitties, an Ethereum blockchain game to breed digital cats developed by Canada-based studio Axiom Zen makes Spherecoin see the big potential of blockchain games in China and at a global scale. Launched last December, the game goes too popular to cause major disruptions to the Ethereum network. According to some source, at its peak, the trading of CryptoKitty made up for over 30% of the transaction volume in the Ethereum network.

Blockchain will shape the future of the gaming industry. Blockchain and game developers find this a new way to engage with an ever-growing user base.

What will lead the blockchain game trend is that blockchain technology makes it possible for the players to begin the game with a unique avatar, impossible to completely replicate by any other player in the game, allowing characters to leap from different franchises and game genres entirely and keep the same statistics, such as age, experience, and skills.

It is the season of light for the gaming industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Spherecoin will definitely seize the opportunity. We are open to work with different game developers and studios in China and internationally to monetize SPH into their new games, creating more possibilities for SPH use cases in those games. By doing this, we hope to increase players’ experience and reward our investors.

About Big Investors

Over the times, card game is a great form of entertainment to spend time with friends and families. Now, players are more attracted to mobile card games with easy-to-understand rules and different types of adventures. Most importantly, they can be played everywhere at any time. Inspired from the legendary board game Monopoly, Big Investors is a mobile card game, developed and run by Beijing Tai-e Cyber-tech. The Chinese edition of the game will be available for download at Apple store and Google store by the end of April while the international edition is still under development, planning to be launched this June.

Highlights of Big Investors

In this RPG game, participants can choose game characters among a wide range of fictional financial tycoons and celebrities. Each character has different ability and aptitude. Combining the elements of card playing with stock market simulation as well as battlefield, Big Investors is the first of its kind.

The setting of Big Investors is the Wild West. Players start the game with a set of 8 cards and an initial capital of 5,000 coins. Each card has its own function. The key to victory is that the player outwits and outfights the opponents with skills and strategies, which would help increase the prices of the stock he or she trades at the virtual stock market, meanwhile lowering the stock prices of the opponents. Once a card is played, a certain amount of coins would be consumed. It’s important for the player to balance the consumed coins with the fluctuation of the stock prices. Each round of this multiplayer game lasts 20 minutes; one round will be ended in advance if the asset of the player has reached a specified amount.

More details about how to use SPH in Big Investors for buying avatars, upgrades, special items, and abilities will be revealed in May. SPH is now available on Cointiger for trading. You can visit the website,, for further inquiries.

Information about how players and investors will be rewarded with more SPH if playing Big Investor will also be announced in May. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Spherecoin.



Turning the decentralized economy and crypto currency into

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cryptocurrency assets to real life transaction

Turning crypto currency into a real life

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Making Crypto

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SPHERE was born to create a universal and globally accepted peer-to-peer (P2P), consumer-to-business (C2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) trading ecosystem that links virtual currency assets to real life by offering the world's first virtual currency that is QR code payment – enabled platform.

Going P2P, C2B & B2C means buying and selling assets directly with each other rather than working through an intermediary or third-party service. Many markets are already peer-to-peer: Foreign exchange, corporate bonds, and even penny stocks. SPHERE aims to make cryptocurrency into a real-life experience.

SPHERE’s secondary aim is also to reduce overall operating costs, increase marketplace efficiency and boost return-on-investments (ROI) of product & service providers in the global sharing economy and peer-to-peer ecosystem.

Using blockchain smart contract, AI and Big Data, SPHERE will empower the ecosystem with its revolutions below:

A Trust-Based Protocol for all SPHERE ecosystem players:

  • Decentralized and Minimum Operating Cost
  • Open Source and Scalable with Reliability, Trustworthy and Anonymous
  • Cryptocurrency assets accepted as a payment mode Globally
  • Fast adoption at Merchants and user-friendly for Users

P2P,C2B & B2C Mobile Payment Ecosystem Community:

  • Decentralized and Minimum Transaction Cost for Merchants & Users
  • Faster Transactions without payment barriers
  • Multiple Option of Payment Mode in an Integrated Wallet with Cryptocurrency.
  • Supports P2P transfers of Fiat Currency & Cryptocurrency in one wallet.